Terms and conditions


The payment methods accepted by Spazio Romanelli S.a.s. Are payment by credit card (mastercad, visa, amex circuit) Paypal and bank transfert. For payment by credit card, the invoice will be issued at the immediatly payment . For customers who will choose the payment by bank transfert instead the invoice will be issued at the confirmation of the payment.

Orders for which payment will not be provided within 1 working day will be deleted.

Customers will receive a reminder of the order and will be able to communicate the “cro “ of the payment while waiting for the confirmation, in order to avoid the cancellation of the order. the minimum order is euro


Orders are generally processed and shipped within 72 hours of receipt of payment, up to a maximum of 5 days for orders of large quantities.
The order is confirmed upon receipt of payment ("confirmed" status) and immediately processed by our internal logistics ("working on" status).
A "working on" order can be totally canceled, but it is not possible to add or remove items partially.

No changes of any kind are allowed from the moment an order changes to the "ready" status.

The shipping options are:
A - shipment entrusted to DHL or TNT with immediate calculation, during checkout, of the shipping costs
B - shipping entrusted to ALPIWORLD with request for a quote for shipping costs
C - collection organized by the customer

For orders with a value greater than € 10,000.00, only options B and C are available.

In the event that the customer chooses options B and C, he will be contacted by our customer service who will calculate the exact shipping costs based on the directives of the logistics, offering a quote (option B) or will request the information necessary to take the commodity (option C).


SPAZIO ROMANELLI S.A.S. accepts returns of goods within 8 days since delivery of the order and only for the following reasons:

  • - defective or damaged goods
  • - wrong goods

the final re-seller is responsible, towards the consumer, for the defects of the products sold, even when the defect depends on the supplier or the producer.
The return procedures are processed directly through the system in the order as follows:

  1. 1. request for acceptance of the return
  2. 2. approval of the request and issue of the email with return acceptance code
  3. 3. shipment of the product to be returned together with the confirmation email
  4. 4. receipt of the package in our logistics
  5. 5. confirmation of receipt made compliant with the request
  6. 6. sending of replacement goods, or issuing of a purchase voucher valid for purchases on our site, or refund and credit note issued in the name of the customer.